Essential Site info.


Site FPS 350 max on .20g (0.20 minimum BB weight) 
TRMRs, impact grenades and BFGs are welcome but noise limit is  9mm & 209 blanks.
Hot Pyro is limited to well known reliable brands and is available in the on site shop.
Sound emitting Pyro is only allowed in the building. 

Rubber knives are permitted but must bend 90 degrees.


1. Age limit is minimum 11 years with parental letter of consent and if a guardian is to be present that is not the legal guardian or parent then they need to be named as guardian in the letter of consent that is signed by the legal parent or guardian. 

2. New players to the site please print off the insurance disclaimer form below and bring it completed to hand in on arrival. You will only need to fill this in once and it will cover you for 12 Months.

Tac House Spartan

Disclaimer Form

Tac House Spartan

Goytside Road


S40 2BL