Tac House Spartan

Tac-House Spartan is one of the largest CQB airsoft sites in the UK.
It was voted the 3rd best site in the country by Airsoft International Magazine in 2016.
Pictures and videos of the site simply don't do it justice you have to play at the site to see just how vast it is.  

The post apocalyptic outside areas with vehicles and bunkers gives you a taster of whats to come in the 3 story mill but it will not prepare you for the skills you will require to navigate and fight through large open rooms and tight room to room areas when the light goes from dim to pitch black.  

Here at the Tac house we aim to provide the ultimate CQB Airsoft experience for both new to the sport and experienced players. 

Our staff have over 50 years experience in law enforcement and military combat, which we draw upon to create adrenaline fuelled objective based scenarios.

The only airsoft site which offers a truly 360 degree immersive experience which encourages team play to achieve objectives.

The venue provides traditional skirmish and Military  simulation gaming but also we can provide specialist training days for single  players or already formed teams to build and hone their CQB skills.

We also specialise in:
•    S.W.A.T. Team type selection.
•    Israeli pistol shooting.
•    All types of building and room clearance drills.
Why not try our other great site
The sites name and nostalgia speaks volumes for itself. It is a 31 acre Fibua site with over 500 playable rooms, we have ingame vehicles, trucks and enhanced objectives making it one of the best up and coming sites in the country.